Reality Of Single Motherhood Blog : Survive And Thrive

12 Jun

Single motherhood can be quite overwhelming. However, we all have to agree that most of the roles you would do while married isn't different from when you are married. Well, but this time you will be alone. Separating duties remains the same. You need the courage and determination to see everything through and ensure that you are able to make the ends meet. Of course, it may not be easy at first, but trust me it all gets easier with time. In this article, we shed some wisdom on how you can survive and thrive in single motherhood.

With the first year, I can guarantee you that things will not be easy at all. You will be thinking about everything at the same time, but still, this won't help. This can be a time of chaos but you can avoid getting into a crisis. All these are normal as you go through the process. Maybe you are new to motherhood and have not had any role models in the past. It could be also that you left a marriage recently. In these times, it is critical and vital for you to have support. Be around friends and family who are caring enough to offer you assistance as well as support you need. This eases the process for you.

However difficult it is to settle, we have to decide that we cannot mourn forever you have to believe that you can get back on your feet and then do it. The first thing is loving yourself. Once you love yourself enough then you learn to love your child or children and get past your worries. Set your own pace and get the determination to move on and get you and your child or children a better life. The normal duties of motherhood including child care, the health of your children, and handling bills are some of the things you will need to handle. Here is reality of single motherhood blog.

What do you do? Learn to calm yourself. Do not think about everything at a go. Take a day at a time. When you think about the future and long-term you may mess your head and get overwhelmed by unrealistic goals. Therefore, treat life on the basis of a day at a time. Slowly you will gain stability and you can start making future plans.

The challenge of single motherhood is real and we cannot underestimate it. However, believe that you are up to the challenge is the best way to keep you going. Definitely, parenthood is big and is such a nice experience. Get it in yourself that you will survive and thrive together with your family no matter what. Remember you need to be strong even for your children. This is a choice you have to make. At first, maybe you can get support from friends and family. If you are working, then you keep working. If not, then you figure out slowly how you can get a job and support yourself and your children.

Maybe the father to the children supports you and this is a good thing. However, if they don't, the much we can do is take up the role and find ways to make ends meet. Link up with single moms and support each other. You can do it! You are going to do it! You are strong enough for anything!

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